• H O M E S C O

      F A Q

      How can you buy a home online or app without a realtor or mortgage company?

      Funny question right. If you qualified we *finanace you in less than 1 minute and tell you how much you qualify for! Transfer payment or send digital currency.

      How do I know if the home will have issues?

      Most of our homes are brand new and the ones we sell are all H O M E S C O certified which MEANSSSSSS 1 year warranty on all homes! Anything breaks "we take care of it!"

      So what is the process from sign up to buy a homes and get keys?

      Simple : Sign up or Login, Browse homes, save your favorites, compare them and buy! 


      Purchases can be done through bank transfer or digital currency (transfers in 16 seconds) . Next, receive a congratulations "here is your new home !" email and receive your keys in the next 2-3 days! I know. it's the future of real estate right! #norealtors #nobrokerages #justyouandus


      Need to qualify ??? No problem! Submit your drivers license and information and you will have a response in less than one minute if you qualify and for how much. Then search your for perfect home, compare , choose and buy!                                                  

      What did you say about digital currency and blockchain?


      We partnered with the biggest builders in the US to begin collecting new home sales onto our HOM title registry that gets automatically updated as soon as the home is purchased. We partnered with the team at HOM coin to bring their lighting speed digital currency transfers that take place in less than 16 seconds, so you can spend less time buying the house and you can start enjoying the house! Like we said: Find the home you love, buy it and enjoy it this weekend!